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  02 9410 2211
  Level 3, 430 Victoria Ave,
      Chatswood NSW 2067


Prevention is far superior to cure when it comes to your teeth and gums.
The Station Dental team members are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest research in preventing tooth decay and preserving your oral health.
Our dental hygienist will educate you on healthy hygiene habits and make sure any problems you have are under control.

Excellent Dental Care throughout Your Life

At Station Dental, we are here for you through all phases of life. In the teen years, there may be overexposure to sugar. Fissure sealants and Tooth Mousse can aid in prevention of cavity formation. As we get older, plaque control and gum recession are common issues that many may face. Our team may recommend different toothpastes or products to prevent plaque buildup and fluoride rinses to address gum recession. These two solutions will help sustain your continued dental health.

Examining Your Oral Health

Your dental care begins with an initial comprehensive dental examination. At this visit, we lay the groundwork for any future recommendations by taking a look at your teeth and gums.

A Thorough Evaluation

You may think that a comprehensive exam consists only of a cleaning and a look at your teeth. There’s actually quite a bit more to it than just that! At Station Dental,
our initial exam includes the following:

  1. Obtaining a written record that details your medical/dental history,
    including a listing of all current medications.
  2. A thorough oral cancer screening, both visually and digitally
  3. Checking your lymph nodes, lips, tongue and the insides of your mouth and cheeks.
  4. A series of diagnostic X-rays, when necessary, that give a comprehensive view of your teeth bones.
  5. A periodontal examination, which includes a thorough screening and assessment of your gums to check for any signs of periodontal (gum) disease.
  6. An occlusal exam to check for bite problems (underbite, overbite, crossbite), worn teeth, and jaw problems such as TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder).

Additionally, the dentist will perform a meticulous tooth-by-tooth check to identify cavities and examine prior treatment or restorations. We will locate any chipped, cracked or missing teeth and identify any work that needs to be performed to strengthen the teeth, such as fluoride treatments.

Bite Splints


Bite Splints to Stop
Teeth Grinding

At your thorough check-ups, our practitioners will search for any signs that could signify teeth grinding. This type of wear and tear doesn’t just wear down your smile – it can also mean a painful jaw and terrible headaches. We can show you exercises you can do at home to help stretch out sore muscles.
When more intervention is needed, we can create a splint for you that will prevent you from grinding down your teeth.

Custom Mouthguards to Protect Teeth

Children and adults alike participate in sport that can be devastating to the health of your teeth. Falls, hits and other trauma can cause damage to a smile, but you can easily protect your oral health with a custom-created mouthguard.
Different colours are available, and we keep our prices competitive. If your club is offering a special price on mouthguards, we will match it.


If we discover further treatment is needed, we will discuss it with you and schedule any future visits that are needed.