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  02 9410 2211
  Level 3, 430 Victoria Ave,
      Chatswood NSW 2067


At Station Dental, we believe everyone deserves a chance to have the smile of their dreams.
There are several options to choose from to achieve your desired look.


If you have overly-pointed canines or teeth with minorly jagged edges, contouring is a simple and easy procedure to make them smooth. It truly makes a huge difference.

Dental Bonding

With hardly touching the tooth, dental bonding can build up worn-down teeth. Resin bonds straight to the tooth, looking natural to achieve great results.

Crowns and Onlays

Teeth can become brittle over the years, destroying existing restorations or requiring strengthening measures. A crown is long-lasting, covering the tooth to protect it. It will give you the confidence to eat what you want without fear that your filling will break, fall out or that your tooth will be compromised.
Onlays are a more conservative option with less drilling that gives the same amount of protection. It’s tooth-coloured, so you will never know it’s there.


A thin porcelain or ceramic layer placed on the front of your teeth can make an enormous difference in the look of your smile. You can have the confidence to talk, laugh and show off your look.


Our experienced team has created comfortable dentures for years. The laboratory we work with can custom-make them to fit your needs.

 Smile Makeovers

Software is available that can show you a before and after to achieve your desired look. We will offer you all possible options to meet your goals, giving you a realistic idea of how you will look afterwards. You can even bring in pictures of your former smile if you would like us to reference them. We consult with our artistic ceramicists and technicians to get you the exact results you desire.

Teeth Whitening

ZOOM In-Chair Whitening

This procedure done in the clinic will give you dramatic results that are visible right away. Using trays that are customised to your teeth, we’ll protect your lips and nose from UV rays while the powerful bleaching gel and special light work their magic on your teeth. With the Zoom 3 Advanced Power whitening system, your teeth can be 2-6 shades lighter in less than an hour.

ZOOM Day White In-Home Whitening

This home whitening system delivers results when time isn’t a factor and you’d prefer a more economical option to whiten your teeth. Your whitening trays can be worn at your leisure when it’s convenient for you.